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Admission Criteria

The entry class to the school is Class 1 to which children of age group 5+ are admitted. Admission to other classes are also given as per the availability of seats. The merit of the students is the sole criterion for selection. Admission procedure involves admission test followed by group discussion with parents and children.


Age limit for registration (as on 1st April of the academic session for which admission is sought)

Class I 5+
Class II onwards Class II onwards


Registration forms are available at the school office. A duly filled Registration form is to be submitted with non refundable , non transferable Registration fee.

  • A municipal birth certificate and a transfer certificate from the previous school must be attached with the Registration form along with a report card showing clear promotion to the class in which the admission is being sought.
  • Please fill the form carefully as the school will not entertain any change once the form is submitted.
  • For admission enquiries to the classes , parents are required to contact the school office in the month of February.



Admission Charges 0200.00
Caution Money 0500.00
Annual Charges(Yearly) 4000.00
Examination Charges(Yearly) 3000.00
Activity Charges(Yearly) 3000.00
Total 10,700.00


   MONTHLY          FEE            1 to 4    5 to 8   9 & 10 11 & 12 (With    Math) 11 & 12 (With Computer)
Tuition Fee  2050.00  2200.00  2370.00  2845.00    2845.00
Development Charges     300.00     330.00     350.00     425.00      425.00
Computer Fee     350.00     350.00     400.00      –       450.00
Total  2700.00  2880.00  3120.00  3270.00     3720.00
Remarks:- Fee wiil be increased as per direction of Hon. Court/DOE


Fees and other dues are payable quarterly as noted below :-

1ST April to June 15 April
2nd July to September 10 July
3rd October to December 10 October
4th January to March 10 January


  • Parents should give correct particulars i.e. Name of student, Admission No., class/ Section etc. while depositing the fee.
  • Admission charges, Security and Development charges are as per the norms laid down by Delhi Administration.
  • A late fee fine is charged after the due date as per the school regulations. If fee is not paid by the end of the month, name of the student will be struck off the school rolls automatically and readmission will be purely on discretion of the Principal.
  • All cash collection and payments at the fee counter are made strictly in accordance with the following timings :-
All working days 9: 00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Withdrawal Rules

Students withdrawal rules are:

  • Parents have to apply on a prescribed Performa for issue of school leaving certificate.
  • Parents have to clear all the school dues and other charges before applying for school leaving certificate.
  • School Authorities can ask the parents to withdraw his/ her ward on one of the following grounds:-
  • Long Absence without information.
  • Non payment of fees.
  • indiscipline


Sessions Details

Registrations open for 2018-2019

Please contact school office for more details

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