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Teaching Methodology

At S.S.S.J.I.S we endeavor to provide education with an objective to empower students to make decisions , to introduce creative solutions and plan effective action strategies . The curriculum is structured in such a way that keeps your child in touch with ever changing world trends, right from the junior to the senior level.

teaching Methodology

Smart Class

Today’s diversified job market offers a plethora of meaningful career options to the students with globalization their has been an impetus to newer paths of career choices. But it seems a difficult task and students with good academic records end up with career not suitable for the type of personality he/ she possesses. S.S.S.J.I.S. offers career guidance and counseling to the students along with their regular course of study. It is through career guidance that students learn to set their proper aim in life and finally active their goal.

Smart Class

Teaching Staff

Teachers at S.S.S.J.I.S. are a well qualified , highly dedicated, experienced and professional team. All have the special qualities that distinguish a good teaches – patience and understanding. They encourage the development of each child by creating a friendly atmosphere in which the child can express himself and learn.

Teaching Staff


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