Sant Sujan School


Origin and History

Sant Sujan Singh Ji International School was established on auspicious day of 5th April 1999 . It was founded by Sant Gurmukh Singh Ji for a noble cause and to perpetuate the memory of his revered father , a distinguished saintly person widely known as SANT SUJAN SINGH JI MAHARAJ , who charmed and thrilled the devoted people of this country with his melodious voice dipped in shabad Kirtan, an echo of divine words enriched in sublime spiritual enlightenment for the goodness of humanity as a whole.

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Vision and Mission

This institution is a vision of loving and affectionate Mamma Ji (Sd. Prabhjot Kaur) where we aim for a ‘bright future based on dynamic planning purported to meet the society ‘s requirements of tomorrow .’ We look for talent and aptitude of all kinds and foster them to standards of excellence. It is our constant and unswering endeavour to tap the intellectual and erective potential of our children. We provide them holistic education for the all round development esoecially to less priviledged society. This school started with a minimal student strength of 55.

Good education is utmost necessary for the development of a young child in terms of morality , character , discipline, academic and scientific knowledge spread over many fields , a dedication and an incentive to enhance the intellectual faculty and to build up a professional aptitude for the career line which every individual choose according to his/ her taste and inherent instinct embodied in the feelings and nerves of a developing personality. With this aim and mission in view , our school prepares the child for the tough and arduous taskes ahead. In this way the future path becomes easy and the goals appear achievable.

Life at School

The school is situated in amidst of natural surroundings. It has magnificent building complex. The picturesque premises captivates the human eye. Here children are helped , encouraged to :

  1. Transform ‘ Dream into reality’
  2. Express themselves in many ways through – Interhouse , Interschool , zonal competitions etc.
  3. Special coaches for every event.
  4. Workshops , camps.

All requirements for imparting quality education have been duly taken care of through spacious classrooms , music room, Library, Science Lab , Maths Lab, Activity room, Computer Lab, Medical room etc.

Life At School


Sessions Details

Registrations open for 2018-2019

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